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Inspiring you to enhance your quality of life by self-improving
Addressing: Women’s issues and Familial concerns, Singleness-Overall Wellness by: 

- Providing you with Accountability, Therapeutic coaching, Psychoeducational and Spiritual transformation strategies, Working with scars, Personal growth, Being proactive, Exploring strengths-talent-skills & finding identity and purpose through it all. 

- Support you as you develop a greater capacity to Cope with Challenges, Life Adjustments, Traumatic Experiences, and Transitions (divorce/moving/entering job market, etc.). 

- Work on God-esteem, Self-esteem and Confidence building, and moving from the “I can do that” statement to "Doing it" (fighting the spirit of procrastination). 

- Help you move pass internal self-defeating core beliefs that hinders you from stepping out of the boat to step into your God-given meaningful life. 

- Demonstrate and teach overall wellness techniques for emotional and stress management. 

*This 45 Day service is$575 Investment & 60 Day or In-home services is $775)

Cheryl’s areas of expertise are broken up into 4 packages and VIP Sessions listed below. Monthly Extension of packages (if needed) will cost additional fees. Virtual & Concierge Services are available. 

Choose the option suitable for youFAQ
I work with you as your midwife-Pushing/Supporting both aspiring men and women entre/Parallel/Solopreneurs.
 - To help you gain clarity, and identify and/or recover and use your gifts, skills and anointed abilities that defines your passion and purpose(s) in life. Help you identify your own voice and unique message. 

- Assist you with packaging your passion, message, and knowledge. Teach you basic branding techniques to develop, gain exposure to your new brand/business/Services/Product/Book or Ministry via social media and within your community.

- Inspiring you to utilize what’s in your hands. Coach and assist you with organizing and actualizing those dreams and visions that are lying dormant. 

- Pushing you to believe God for direction, confidence, confirmation and affirmation after YOU activate your purpose. 

- Guidance on implementation of above strategies, structure,  and the changes you need to achieve your goals

- Povide you with resources and connections to help you achieve your overarching goals! 

*This 45 Day service is $575 Investment & 60 Day or In-home services is $775)
Helping individuals, engaged & married couples, and families, gain insight into key life conflicts that block the development of cohesion and unity: 
- Developing a strong foundation for relationships, Identify generational patterns & history that can potentially effect the present, 

- Building essential healthy communication & empathic listening skills to enhance the quality of relationships by using forgivenness and hope-focused approaches. 

- Understanding your or his/her's love language.

- Find purpose and meaning in relationships, help families restore or create develop a sense of Coactivity (leisure/recreational/fitness and other activities, planning and co-creating), 

- Brainstorm/problem-solve together) and work on producing increased levels of intimacy in any relationships including friendships.

-Incorporate Christian-centered principles and disciplines.

*This service is $575 Investment & 60 Day or In-home is $775).

My New School
Get Your Life Your Back Academy is an Online Inspirational, Empowering and life-Changing Academy designed by Cheryl, to provide a variety of courses for: life coaching/strategies and mentoring, personal development, inspirational/spiritual, healthy relationships, healthy communication, transformation, entrepreneurial endeavors and more. 

New & Ready:
Eight Week Premarital eGuide

New: TBD
Cognitive Transformation & 
Spiritual Growth




 will   be 


Implementing Cognitive transformation-focused strategies to:
- Help you identify your core beliefs and hidden or underlying trauma effecting your mind and emotions.

- Assist you with transforming your mindset to healthy thinking, developing a lemonade and glass half-full mentality to live a more purposeful and peaceful life. 

- Emotional and Stress management.

- Teach how a new mindshift will ultimately enhance your relationships, career/business.

 - Cognitive Restructuring: Help you learn to change your language and think differently in order to change your actions and reactions. 

- Identify and learn how to breakthrough generational and/or self-sabotaging patterns. 

- Assist you with developing a new thought pattern to transform your life overall.

*This 45 Day service is $575 Investment & 60 Day or In-home is $775).
VIP Session with Cheryl

A VIP Day is a focused; all-inclusive, personalized, customized and concentrated one or two day experience. 2 PACKAGES:
Option 1. Passion-Purpose             /                  Option II Personal Life Focus

1 ON 1
Personal Improvements:
*Individuals feeling stuck, *Need to break negative generational patterns,
*Battling with the spirit of procrastination and self-sabotaging acts,
*Who see the glass half empty,
*Who need to work on changing their perspective/life outlook/increase self-esteem,
*In need of a cheerleader/encouragement/affirmation,
*Find it difficult to maintain a decent level of optimism/motivation/tenacity/confidence

*Struggle with goal attainment,
*Desire to package and monetize your passion, purpose and skill-set, 
*Need assistance with goal-planning, organizing/prioritizing life, career and academia,
*Need a reality check!
*Need accountability 

*Need help with building and maintaining healthy relationships,
*Looking for premarital or marital coaching,
*Desire to increase level of cohesion and intimacy,
*Want to improve communication and empathy,
*Seeking a family coach/mediator

Why some people don’t seek life coaching:
There have always been negative connotations or stigmas associated or surrounding one who seek out counseling or therapy, and maybe even life coaching. It’s ignorance! Even professionals understand the value of having assistance or other helping roles to help then fulfill their business, career or personal goals and tasks. Why do directors; CEO’s, attorneys, pastors, CFO’s; teachers; mothers; etc., utilize these helping roles? Why do companies and organization form teams to work on projects or work with clients? Why does secretary, personal assistant, assistant, administrator, baby-sitter, or even a computer exist or are needed?

AThese all help people manage, organize, achieve goals, rearrange, prioritize, contact others, record, type, and remind.

BWe today are more aware and educated through wisdom and experience. There is absolutely no need to feel shame, embarrassment, condemned or judged.

Instead of driving yourself crazy about how are you going to make this and that happen, saying: “How can I do this or that?” “It’s too difficult!” “No time!” “Too old!” “Too young!” “Too big!” “Too small!” or worrying about "how long it will take" or "how to begin," or maybe you have fear of failure or success. These are some to the thoughts, concerns and fears that I myself have pondered but I began counseling and coaching myself, utilizing the spiritual disciplines such as meditating on the word of God, praying, fasting and believing, prioritizing and re-prioritizing and pressing with tenacity, blocking any negative traffic possible...

 knowing that “All things are possible through Christ which strengthens me! I focused on scripture affirmations such as, “With man, things are impossible but with God all things are possible” or “God will not withhold any good thing to those who walk upright before Him” and “Don’t worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; … Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” and so on…

My Strategic skill set is great for those: