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Get Your Life Your Back Academy is an Online Inspirational, Empowering and life-Changing Academy designed by Cheryl, to provide a variety of courses, webinars & summits for: life coaching/strategies and mentoring, personal development, inspirational/spiritual, healthy relationships, healthy communication, transformation, entrepreneurial endeavors and more. 

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Personal Empowerment & Cognitive Transformation:
*Individuals feeling stuck, *Need to break negative generational patterns,
*Who see the glass half empty,
*Who need to work on changing their perspective and life outlook,
*In need of a cheerleader/encouragement/affirmation,
*Find it difficult to maintain a decent level of optimism/motivation/tenacity/confidence,

Emotional-Wellness Focused:
*Need to increase your level of self-esteem,
*Want help with healing from past issues-keeping you hostage from living on purpose,
*Desire help with constructing solutions to better manage emotions, 
*Want to strengthen your level of EQ (emotional intelligence) and empathy

Passion-Purpose Focused:
*You are feeling unfulfilled and need confirmation with identifying your strengths, purpose and inner greatness,
*You want to discover how to package and monetize your genius, life experience, skill-set and expertise...

Relational & Communication Focused:
*Need help with building and maintaining healthy relationships,
*Looking for premarital or marital coaching,
*Desire to increase level of cohesion and intimacy,
*Want to improve communication and empathy,
*Seeking a family coach/mediator

Why some people don’t seek professional support:
There have always been negative connotations or stigmas associated or surrounding one who seek out counseling or therapy, and even life coaching or consulting. Even professionals understand the value of having assistance or other helping roles to help them fulfill their business, career or personal achievements. Why do directors; CEO’s, attorneys, pastors, CFO’s; teachers; mothers and other leaders utilize these helping roles? Why do companies and organizations form teams to complete projects or tasks? Why does a secretary, personal assistant, support professional, administrator, baby-sitter, or even a computer exist or are needed?

1. These all help people manage, organize, achieve goals, rearrange, prioritize, network, connect, record, track, document, reinforce and assist...
*There is absolutely no need to feel shame, embarrassment, condemned or judged. The most successful and wise individuals understand the power and benefit of working with strategists, consultants and coaches.

Instead of driving yourself crazy about how you are going to make this and that happen, saying: “How can I do this or that?” “It’s too difficult!” “No time!” “Too old!” “Too young!” “Too big!” "Too late" “Too small!” or worrying about "how long it will take" or "how to begin," or maybe you have fear of failure or even success. These are some to the thoughts, concerns and fears that I myself have pondered but I began connecting with mentors and consultants to learning how to counsel and coach myself, utilizing the spiritual disciplines such as meditating on biblical scriptures, praying, fasting, exercising my faith, prioritizing and re-prioritizing and pressing with tenacity, blocking any negative traffic possible...

 knowing that “All things are possible through Christ which strengthens me! I focused on scripture affirmations such as, “With man, things are impossible but with God all things are possible” or “God will not withhold any good thing to those who walk upright before Him” and “Don’t worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; … Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” and so on…

My Strategic skill set is great for those:

I created this workguide for you if you are still wondering what your WHY, PURPOSE or PASSION is.
You may actually have an idea but need some steps to assist with zeroing in...
You know that there is more of you to bring to the stage of your life and make a positive impact on others. 
Finally, you are ready to operate in your passion, and live in and on purpose!

  Or get the PAPERBACK COPY $21.00
I would love to share my events, inspirational, motivational and informational messages, life purpose tools, tips and life strategies with you.
This workshop includes a workbook, group coaching sessions in a private Facebook group, email support and more... Sign up here 

What if I could help you identify your strongest skills and talent that you should be using as a blessing to others? Are you ready to operate in your passion and purpose but need to get more clear about what that is?

* Need to know your why? *Use my simple but creative method of zeroing in on your strengths and passions connected to your Purpose.

Signs You Are Passion-Purpose Focused:
* You are feeling unfulfilled and need confirmation with identifying your strengths, purpose and inner greatness...

* You also believe that there is more to you and uncharted untapped brilliance, originality and passion…

* You want to discover how to package and monetize your genius, life experience, skill-set and expertise…
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