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  • ​Need a life purpose Coach and Transformation strategist to help you formulate an action plan with the strategies needed in order to live in your purpose and even monetize your genius? 
  • Need transformation-mindset strategies for developing: positive thinking, forming healthy relationships, effective communication or breaking through generational or self-sabotaging patterns? 
  • Desire personal empowerment coaching to help you triumph over traumatic experiences, build the confidence and esteem needed so you can live a more purposeful and meaningful life? 

 Then let me help you move from Poor Excuses, Procrastination & Stuck to  Progression...NOW!
*Helping You Breakthrough Barriers and Propel Into Purpose!*
Keynote Speaker
It's time to Bury the past! 
Embrace the greatness in You!
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Helping Women Breakthrough Barriers & Propel Into Purpose!

BREAKING NEWS! Due to the current event of COVID 19 (Corona Virus) outbreak, we are transitioning the workshop from local to virtual. Which is still good news because now, anyone can attend online. Price has been dropped from $67 to $47 
Now, with this said;
Let's Clarify and Identify WHAT'S IN YOUR HANDS in order to operate in your purpose! You've already P.A.S.S (Passions, Assets, Strengths & Skill set) the requirements.
✔ You have been saying "I need a push because I keep procrastinating and letting other things or people become priority. " BUT you know this is your year/season to actualize the MORE that is in you. You know that you need to start hanging out in the room with the right people.

I created this workshop to help you Discover Your Inner Genius & Skillset. Many people wonder what their passion(s) are and new purpose, and fail to realize that the answer could be right in front of them. Others, may also see our super ability, potential, brilliance, inner genius, specialization and skills that we somehow ignore or don’t realize it’s brand-worthy and marketable as a new purpose, new ministry, service, outreach, side hustle or full time entrepreneurship.

And second guessing yourself is not allowed, after identifying WHO YOU ARE in this season. It’s important that once you identify your God-identity, strengths, talents, skillset, brilliance and abilities, you should declare, receive it and shake your shimmy. Can't wait for you to take this journey of discovering what you love, the value you possess and pursue it! It's time for you to stop hiding behind the camera/lens of watching everyone else show up even with fear and trembling. Let fear and past trauma work as a catalyst to push you to break barriers and propel into your purpose. *NO MORE BURIED GIFTS! Tell Your Neighbors...

This workshop includes: 
  • Workbook (digital & paperback) 
  • Fun and Productive group coaching (utilizing workbook)
  • Identification of strengths and passions/purpose
  • Strategies on packaging/monetizing your skill set/passion/strengths/story
  • Online vendors (a chance to shop/support women owned small businesses)
  • Guest Speakers and Testimonials 
  • An opportunity/offer to work with me individually or sign up to my full program if you need additional support in the Get Your Life Back Academy
  • Q & A's

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