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Perhaps you need a life Strategist /Author Preacher/Speaker for your next workshop/retreat/conference, Teen and Women groups, etc. 

Cheryl has spoken in various venues such as ministries, conferences, colleges, high schools, men and women transitional houses and online events. She has a desire to build up, inspire, push, encourage and inform. 

Change Your Mind: Discover and identify key ingredients for developing and maintaining a lemonade/glass half-full mentality and concept. Delete negative core beliefs, disempowering thoughts, change your language and heal from past trauma. Ultimately developing healthier relationship and better communication.

From the Page to the Stage: Inspire and motivate both men and women to actualize their dreams, visions and passions by taking the next step after writing down their vision and “making it plain (clearly showing/constructing)” on vision boards, journals, notebooks, scraps of paper, and even in their imagination and bringing it into fruition and manifestation. Get it out! Breathe on the vision to give it life. Let it live! Showing up! Bringing it to pass! Be in relationship with and committed to their purpose, vision, goals, dreams… 

Let Me Out!Bury the past and live! Embrace your new identity in Christ! Be free! Forgive yourself! Tear down those rebellious walls that stifle you from living in your purpose. Unleash and embrace your authentic self by letting out and operating in your gifting, skill, talent and knowledge.  I come as your spiritual mid-wife to push YOU to BELIEVE GOD and allow Him to empower you to live life the way He intended. So if you are ready to get out of a cycle, a pit, a curse, that maze or that place called STUCK, Go! 

RePurposing BarriersSharing my story of overcoming "perceived obstacles and personal vicissitudes in life," Inspiring and strategizing with you on ways to utilize your barriers as catalyst to propel you into purpose. Learning to use what's in your hands because your gift makes room for you and your talent, gift, skill and can sustain YOU!

Triumph Over TraumaEmanates from my passion to see others healed from past/present trauma, and overcome their "perceived" barriers that prevent them from living their best life. Also, inspiring you to live in and on purpose, build self-esteem and confidence. I want our audience/participants to feel inspired, motivated and receive a breakthrough by also hearing my story of overcoming MAJOR bumps & mountains that others may have loss their minds over. As we know, trauma comes in many forms. It can come from negative words spoken over your life that caused you to live in doubt and emotional pain. It can come from traumatic experiences of abuse, accidents, displacement, a disability, loss, neglect or abandonment, etc.

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Speaking Fee 
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Cheryl's speaking requirements are: 
(Microphone (hand held preferably for movement), Bottle Water w/straw (Regular, coconut, distilled)
Contact Cheryl Here and/or Complete Speaking Request Below:
  Inspirational and Transformation Speaker...
  - As a speaker, Coach, Strategist, Author, Minister, Counselor and Mentor, I understand the importance of connecting with an audience, group and individual by empathetically communicating and demonstrating transparency and engagement.  

  - If you're looking for a speaker who is also artistic, humorous, inspirational and a little unpredictable, I am definitely that! 

  - One of my main goals is to tailor and align my messages with your goals. 

  - Your audience will be encouraged, inspired and propelled forward, and armed with tangible tools and wisdom that will transform their minds, thoughts and core beliefs in order to live on and in their purpose. 

  - I am excited about the opportunity to serve you and your audience. If you want to connect with me and find out my availability to speak at your event, please reach out to me below...
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