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  • ​Need a life purpose Coach and Transformation strategist to help you formulate an action plan with the strategies needed in order to live in your purpose and even monetize your genius? 
  • Need transformation-mindset strategies for developing: positive thinking, forming healthy relationships, effective communication or breaking through generational or self-sabotaging patterns? 
  • Desire to join an empowering wellness program to help you triumph over traumatic experiences, heal emotionally, build the confidence and esteem needed so you can live a more purposeful and meaningful life? 
  • Need help zeroing in on exactly what your passion and purpose is in this season so you can operate in it and serve others with your gifts, talent, skill and experience?

 Then let me help you move from Poor Excuses, Procrastination & Stuck to Progression with... NOW!
*Helping You Breakthrough Barriers and Propel Into Purpose!*
Keynote Speaker
It's time to Bury the past! 
Embrace the greatness in You!
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Would love to share events, inspirational, motivational and informational messages, life purpose tools, tips and life strategies with you.
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